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Cruises from Australia are more exciting than ever before, with entertainment options for all ages and a huge number of cruises to find. The modern ship is always evolving and that's why we've created the Cruise Sale Finder entertainment section; to give Australian cruise holiday passengers all the news, views and interviews about what you can enjoy onboard. ...
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Luxury travel with the likes of P&O Cruises and Royal Caribbean offers such a variety of things to do it's difficult to pack it all in. Here are some of the more recent innovations:

  • From a sky-diving simulator to a jewel-shaped capsule that travels 300ft above sea-level, Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas will take cruise travel to the next level. Roller-skating and bumper cars merely add to the wow factor.

  • P&O's Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden have revamped their pool areas, with a stunning design scheme. Outdoor furnishings such as rugs and lamps help create a relaxation paradise, with live music and cocktails during the evening.

  • Music and performance is a major draw-card for Princess cruises in Australia. More than 2000 entertainers perform each year in various productions and shows. Movies Under The Stars is another must-see, with a 300-sq ft outdoor, poolside movie theatre.

  • The 54 Below Broadway night-club is sure to attract first-timers to Celebrity Cruises, as will the Martini Bar & Crush, Ensemble Lounge and Cellar Masters wine bar, where you can learn so much from the Sommeliers.

  • Carnival Cruise Lines is even in partnership with Australia's favourite healthy-living expert, Shannan Ponton, who has been appointed an ambassador to oversee gym programs and menu selections. Find out more here!

But this Entertainment page is also about you. We want feedback on your cruise experiences and the entertainment you have enjoyed cruising from Australia. Just email one of our writers or post a comment and we will be in touch. Happy cruising!

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