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Ralph O


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Dec 2015

"APT - A Perfect Trip"

Our recent cruise on the magnificent APT AmaVenita was a most memorable experience. Our trip commenced in late October and we were aware of the possibility of some rather miserable Autumn weather in Europe and were prepared for this, even if meant taking an extra jacket or two. As it turned out we needed have worried as we experienced unseasonably warm (well max temps of 14 to 19 degrees) temperatures the whole way. The downside to this extended European summer was the low water levels in the rivers - both the Dunube and Rhine were at their lowest levels in 110 years. Many cruise ships were unable to complete the full Budapest to Amsterdam journey due to the low water but with the considerable skill of our captain and with a good deal of luck, we made it through with just the occasional scrape on the bottom! All of the ports of call were wonderful, so much so that we will be back next year to do some land touring. The staff were fantastic and overall this was a great experience. All river cruises offer pretty much the same product but it is the service and the little extras that make all the difference. It is hard to imagine anything better than we experienced in this regard.

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  • Cruise Name: APT River Ship
  • Destination: River
  • Sailed: January 2010
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