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Viking Longship Atla Overview

As befits its namesake, the Viking Atla river cruise ship, part of the Viking cruises fleet, has a sense of minimalist beauty about it. There is a classic, restrained elegance to the design of this ship that makes it feel spacious in spite of its relatively small size.

Specs: Viking Atla at a glance
The Viking Atla has a total of 4 decks and comes to 443 feet in length. Her maximum passenger capacity is 190 and she was built in 2013.

Accommodation: Viking Atla rooms and suites
Viking Atla rooms range from the modestly sized Standard stateroom to the roomy Explorer suite. It's best to keep in mind that the Atla is a river cruise ship, so it doesn't have the massive suites that you'd expect aboard an oceangoing vessel. Even so, their smaller cabins are comparable with the standard options you'd find on almost any given cruise ship.

Entertainment: things to do on board the Viking Atla
River cruises are much more about the destinations and shore excursions than onboard entertainment, but that's not to say that there's no onboard Viking Atla entertainment. Some of the activities available on this ship include:
  • Cooking classes
  • Local tastings
  • Multimedia talks on the history and culture of your destinations

Food: Viking Atla restaurants
One of the special things about Viking Atla food is that it changes slightly to reflect your itinerary. Being a river cruise ship, you'll constantly find yourself swept away to new cities and nations - and the Atla helps you get a feel for each new culture with their culinary selections. The Main Dining Room is the place to go for a delicious sit down meal, while the Aquavit Terrace provides a more casual dining experience.

Destinations: Viking Atla itineraries
A Viking Atla itinerary will typically take you on a journey down either the Rhine or the Danube, two of Europe's greatest rivers. Berlin and Budapest are both common start points for a Viking Atla cruise.

Things to remember: On board the Viking Atla
A handful of things to keep in mind when you're getting ready for your river voyage on the Viking Atla:
  • This isn't a ship that puts a lot of emphasis on dressing up. Casual attire is the norm both onboard and for Viking Atla excursions. Some passengers will don something a little nicer in the evening but it's a far cry from the formal nights on more traditional cruise ships.
  • The Viking Atla isn't at all the best ship for a family vacation. All activities and facilities are geared toward adults. Occasionally a teen will tag along with their parents or grandparents, but generally speaking this is one for the grown-ups.
  • A service gratuity of 12 Euros per passenger per day can be paid at the end of the cruise - this is divided up among the crew. The official onboard currency is the Euro, although gratuities can be paid in US dollars.