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Arctic and Antarctica Cruises

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Adventure cruises, including intrepid Arctic and Antarctic cruises, are an unforgettable way to travel. It’s more than a holiday - it’s an expedition!

The ultimate in adventure cruises are those which venture above the Arctic Circle or right down south to mighty Antarctica and the sub-antarctic islands. This might mean an expedition to the far north of Norway, or a journey from South America or New Zealand far to the south and into the Antarctic.


Whichever of the earth’s extremes you choose to chase, there are incredible sights waiting. It could be a frozen ocean, a spectacular iceberg, a flock of penguins, even a whale at home in the Southern Ocean. It might be the Northern Lights, the midnight sun or any number of natural phenomena which occur as you near the poles. Don’t forget to bring a camera on any cruise to Antarctica or the Arctic!

Arctic and Antarctic cruising

An expedition to the ends of the earth from the comfort of a cruise ship is a bucket list kind of holiday - unforgettable! The intrepid vessels which make the journey are hardy ships, and generally equipped with equipment to enhance the Arctic or Antarctic experience: cold weather gear, “zodiac” rigid-hulled inflatable boats for excursions and other necessities.


Even the toughest of Arctic or Antarctic cruise ships has a welcoming interior. There’s nothing quite like the juxtaposition of incredible, desolate and unique frozen landscapes with the warmth, luxurious facilities and general creature comforts of the cruise ships that take you there. Returning from an unforgettable excursion in the full force of the elements to the calm, elegant and comfortable suites, restaurants and lounges of a cruise ship make for travel perfection.

Arctic and Antarctic cruise lines

There is a variety of lines and options for those intending to make the voyage to the far reaches of north or south and into the cold. Many are specially-designed expedition ships, although some which just touch on the edges of the Arctic or Antarctic are picked from the fleets of mainstream cruise lines and are typical oceangoing ships when not acting as intrepid expedition vessels - for example Holland America has cruises exploring South America with quick loops down into Antarctic waters for passengers to experience the wonders of the region, as does Celebrity.


For the ultimate in intrepid luxury, get onboard a Seabourn cruise to Antarctica departing a South American port like Montevideo or Valparaiso, or an Azamara itinerary from the Baltic into the far north of Norway and the Arctic circle. For more choices, take a look at what’s available on this page and find the adventure that’s right for you.


Convinced to take a chance on the journey of a lifetime? We highly recommend you consider adding an Arctic cruise or an Antarctica cruise to your travel plans - you won’t regret it.