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Fathom cruises: Travel with a purpose

Fathom is a new and very unique cruise line. Developed by Carnival brand, Fathom is "travel with a purpose" and is for those who like to get involved and make a difference in the beautiful destinations they visit.

Rather than a quick stop to see the sights that characterises the interaction of many cruise lines with their ports, Fathom aims to foster a connection which benefits both the community onshore and their passengers. "Enduring social impact" is their mission, and they do it by bringing people together.

At sea, passengers can participate in onboard classes and other enrichment activities to prepare themselves for the immersion and volunteer activities on shore. From spring 2016, the line offers two different itineraries for those keen to help out in the communities of the Caribbean.

The Fathom cruise ship

The MV Adonia will take fathom passengers on their "voluntourism" cruises. Previously a part of the P&O UK fleet, she is a 704-passenger vessel with everything needed to keep travellers fed, watered and entertained in between days spent onshore.

The Adonia boasts a pool, gym , games deck, a full-sized library and more. Comfortable cabins and great dining rooms house and feed everyone on board with food themed to the destination of their Fathom cruise.

The Fathom cruise experience

Although Fathom differs greatly from most other cruise lines in providing so many opportunities for passengers to experience the culture of their destination and even give something back to the local communities, it retains those cherished features of a cruise: hotel service, onboard facilities for fun and relaxation, varied dining, and entertainment day and night.

A Fathom itinerary will bring you back refreshed and rested thanks to the wonderful cruise atmosphere onboard, as well as renewing and expanding your mind and soul with the amazing experiences available onshore.

The two cruise opportunities

The Dominican Republic is one of Fathom's two destinations. Passengers travelling there will spend two days at sea both there and back, and three days onshore at Puerto Plata, where they can participate in "impact activities." These are programmes already in place in the area, established through Fathom's partnering organisations. They include English classes, local entrepreneurship, reforestation and clean water programmes.

Alternatively, Fathom passengers can head to Cuba, a country which has historically been quite closed to tourism. The journey includes port stops at Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba, where passengers can participate in cultural immersion experiences, an opportunity to truly get to know the Cuban people and way of life.